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Xiaomi Inface ION Facial Device Beauty Instrument Import Export Face Care Tool Light Moisturizing Repair Massage Home SPA USB

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InFace Multifunction Ion Import Export Beauty Instrument

InFace Multifunction Ion Import Export Beauty Instrument

- Deep Cleanse
- Facial Care
- Intensive Repair
- Light Moisturizing
- Massage
- Serum Import
- Hot compresses

Give you a Professional Home SPA

Mode 1: Export
Deep Cleansing & Makeup Removal
Warm Soothing & Hot compresses
42°C+vibration+positive ion

Mode 2: Import
Serum Import & Skin Hydration
39°C + Vibration Massage + Negative ion + Red light
Lifting and Firming, whiten and brighten the skin,improve skin vitality
Moisturizing Promote Skin
Promote Skin Absorption Serum & Mask

Mode 3: Repair
Negative ion + Blue light
Intensive repairing & UltraCalming
Soothing and Firming
Blue-Light Moisturizing Promote Absorption.
Calming Skin & Improving Dry skin and Sebum.
Spot-Fading, Healing Process

Effective to Dry Skin; Damaged Skin; Oil Skin and Aging Skin.